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this is bbc news. the headlines at 7:00: nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british woman jailed in a rana nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british womanjailed in a rana on charges of spying is on the verge of a nervous breakdown according to her husband. he said the foreign secretary expressed deep sorrow for her suffering. but this evening... a new row over the government's handling of the case of a british woman imprisoned in iran on spying charges. now michael gove faces criticism for not being clear that she was there on holiday. first secretary of state damian green insists police never told him about pornography allegedly found on his computers. he says the allegations have an ulterior motive. ahead of next month's early regional elections, the spanish prime minister visits catalonia for the first time since he imposed direct rule on the region. the prince of wales has led
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the country in honouring its war dead on remembrance sunday, taking the queen's place to lay a wreath at the cenotaph in london. also today, heartbreaking bazoer. northern ireland fail in their bid to qualify for the world cup finals in 2018. yes, a brave effort by northern ireland, they had a chance cleared off the line in the dying seconds, but it wasn't to be, and their world cup dream is over. good evening and welcome to bbc news. the husband of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british woman imprisoned in iran on charges of spying, says she has seen a medical specialist after finding lumps on her breasts and is "on the verge of a nervous breakdown". in a statement richard ratcliffe said he had spoken to the foreign secretary who had expressed deep sorrow at her suffering and agreed to meet
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in person with mr ratcliffe in the next few days. it comes as the government is facing further criticism over its handling of the case. our political correspondent eleanor garnier reports. jailed in iran, separated from her family for allegedly trying to bring down the government. but nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe's family has always maintained that she had been on holiday. now another government minister is facing accusations of a blunder after appearing to cast doubt on what the mother of one had been up to. what was she doing in iran? i don't know. i want to stress that there is no reason why nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe should be in prison in iran so far as any of us know. those remarks directly contradict what the foreign secretary said earlier this week. the uk government has no doubt that she was on holiday in iran when she was arrested last year, and that was the sole purpose of her visit.
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it was a statement borisjohnson had been forced to make to clarify his previous comments that nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe had been teaching journalists in iran, remarks that caused concern that her sentence might be extended. today, michael gove attempted to shift the attention. if the iranian judiciary want to use the words of a democrat to justify an unjustifiable decision, it's our responsibility to call them out. let's not play their game. nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe's husband and the foreign secretary spoke for the first time today. they've agreed to meet within a couple of weeks. the family's local mp is calling for resignations. it is the job of the british government to protect british citizens. if they make matters worse for my constituent, they need to realise that they are unfit for office and michael gove and borisjohnson, who are meant to be the leading
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lights in the government, have got to resign. with more calls for senior ministers to go, the pressure is growing on the prime minister to get a grip on her cabinet. there have been two resignations in the space of a week, and one of her closest allies is under investigation. all this while the government is embroiled in the brexit negotiations. for now, the focus for the foreign secretary, and of course mrs zaghari—ratcliffe's husband, must be to get her home as soon as possible. the mp tulip siddiq said the government had been slow to get involved in her constituent‘s ordeal. i have been talking about this case for 19 months now, when richard first came to me criticising iran for putting my constituent, who is innocent,
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injail on trumped up charges and tried in a kangaroo court, and the government didn't agree to meet with me. borisjohnson wouldn't meet with my constituent, nazanin‘s husband, for 19 months now. when he finally made a comment on it, he decided to get it wrong. so borisjohnson doesn't even know the basic facts of the most important case of the moment. his mainjob is to protect british citizens, and yet he didn't know that she was on holiday, although i have repeatedly raised it, whether in westminster hall debate, parliamentary questions or prime minister's questions. i have repeatedly said nazanin was on holiday in iran with her small child. so for michael gove to go on tv today and say he is not sure and si taking the husband's words for it — he should know that nazanin was on holiday, and that him compounding the lie told about her training journalists is only going to make life worse for my constituent. there is no doubt about the fact that the iranians are at fault here. i have been saying that for 19 months now, but i have also been appealing to our foreign secretary to help a young mother who is separated from her daughter, denied medical access, denied consular access, has been on hunger strike, is suicidal — i've been appealing for help, and what he has done is not a gaffe,
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it's not a blunder, it's a very serious mistake. it's a grave error, which as a result, my constituent is facing fresh charges, and may have to stay in jail for longer. i am not here to make party political points. what i want to do is get my constituent back to west hampstead, reunited with her family. there have been very good tory ministers dealing with this case, such as alistair burt, the minister for the middle east, who has done a very good job on it. if borisjohnson is finally taking this case seriously, i have a couple of questions for him, and i know richard ratcliffe shares my sentiments on this, because we have discussed it many times. firstly, he needs to formally retract his statement, and ask theresa may to retract the statement, and apologise for saying that nazanin wasn't on holiday in iran.
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the second is agree to meet richard ratcliffe face—to—face to discuss the fact that when he goes to iran, later this year or next year, he takes richard with him, because richard hasn't been able to get a visa to go to iran, and he knows that he may not be able to see his wife in prison, but at least he could see his daughter, whom he hasn't seen for 19 months now, and finally, when borisjohnson goes to iran, i want him to meet my constituent, who is injail, face—to—face. other british diplomats have gone to iran and visited the prison nazanin is in, and yet haven't met her. so if borisjohnson goes to iran, he needs to meet nazanin face—to—face. those are the demands richard and i are both making to our foreign secretary. theresa may's closest cabinet ally, damian green, has insisted
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that the police never informed him of allegations that pornography had been found on a computer in his parliamentary offcie nearly 10 years ago. a former head of the metropolitan police, sir paul stephenson, has said his force was aware that material had been found in a search. damian green had previously described the claims as "completely untrue". our home affairs correspondent dominic casciani's report contains some flash photography. at the heart of the government, the prime minister's right—hand man. but now damian green, the first secretary of state and de facto deputy prime minister, is under increasing pressure over allegations that he says are untrue and a smear. it all goes back to this 2008 raid on mr green's office, filmed by a conservative party worker. scotland yard detectives were investigating government lea ks to the then shadow frontbencher. they never got to the bottom of it, but nine years on, claims of what they did find have surfaced. last weekend, the sunday times reported that officers had found pornographic material on one of damian green's parliamentary computers.
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no action was taken at the time. in a statement, mr green said: now the former metropolitan police commissioner sir paul stephenson seen here in 2010 with theresa may, says officers also briefed him that pornography had been found. but he also told the bbc that the find involved no criminality, no victims, and in his view no extraordinary public interest. he added that it wasn't scotland ya rd's role to police the workplace. today, damian green maintained his innocence. today's public words don't repeat last week's assertion that the allegation
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was completely untrue. last week, mr green gave evidence to the whitehall inquiry into the claim, which could report back next week. scotland yard won't say if it's handed over documents to back up what two former senior officers have now said, but with two cabinet resignations in a fortnight, the prime minister can ill afford to lose one of her most trusted confidants. dominic casciani, bbc news. and we'll find out how this story is covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and ii:30p this evening in the papers. football now and northern ireland have narrowly missed out on a place
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in next year's football world cup — after a goalless d raw against switzerland in basel. they went into the match trailing i—nil from the first leg. they will be heartbroken by the result but the performance was much improved. they didn't show much attacking spirit in the first leg. that changed in basel, particularly in the first half with chris brunt enjoying a couple of chances from far out, then there was also a close call in the box, and even then the second half in the dying moments, jonny evans's header was cleared off the line. unbelievable stuff, the northern ireland fans in great voice throughout the match, but ultimately, they just throughout the match, but ultimately, theyjust fell throughout the match, but ultimately, they just fell short. always on paper, northern ireland we re always on paper, northern ireland were the big underdogs, but i think they can be proud of the effort they put into night. proud of the
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incredible journey they have been on the last five or so years where they have come from a team ranked outside the world top 100 to just outside the world top 100 to just outside the world top 20. remarkable stuff, and testament to the manager and coaching staff. close for northern ireland but not close enough, and sadly their world cup dream is over. and the wait goes on. it has already been over 30 years. exactly, 31 yea rs been over 30 years. exactly, 31 years since northern ireland last reached the world cup. they have been a surprise package in european football in recent years with an incredible run in the euros in 2016, just last summer when they got to the last 16. many than expected they could do it here again and qualify for world cup. for the first time it would have been back—to—back major tournaments for them, but as i say, not close enough here. they gave a good account of themselves and i
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think they will be proud of the performance they put in despite being heartbroken by the result. i'm sure disappointment for the team and fans, jessica, thank you very much, jessica crichton in basel. a pipe bomb has been found at the scene of a remembrance sunday parade in 0magh, forcing the wreath—laying ceremony to be suspended. the finding triggered a security alert that the police say has now ended and the ceremony will take place later next week. a short time ago the bbc‘s sara girvan gave us this update from belfast. a suspicious device was discovered this morning in 0magh town, and that's what led to the wreath—laying ceremony being postponed. the rest of the annual remembrance day service was able to go ahead, but not that part of it, no replaying at the senate had this year. in the past few minutes the police service of northern ireland have issued a statement, and they have confirmed the suspicious device was a viable pipe bomb that has now been taken
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away forforensic pipe bomb that has now been taken away for forensic examination. in that statement police also say the device could be attributed to violent dissident republicans. that statement continues that this small but potentially dangerous device was left to cause the maximum amount of disruption to remembrance sunday commemorations. they say this is the action of a small and callous group of violent people who have nothing to offer but fear and intimidation. they said while the investigation is still at an early stage one strong line of enquiry is that violent dissident republicans are responsible, as i said. the statement continues that the actions to date have demonstrated that this regard and this respect they happen this community which has already suffered so much pain and hurt at the hands of terrorists. they say it was a sickening and appalling act on a day which should bring people together to remember the sacrifice
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made by people from all our communities. earlier, as you said, we now know the security alert is over. the roads that were closed in the area have reopened, and security cordon is in place have lifted. ceremonies have taken of a small and callous group place across the country ceremonies have taken place across the country to mark remembrance sunday, with the traditional two—minute silence observed at eleven o'clock. veterans, politicians and members of the royal family attended a service at the cenotaph in central london, where this year prince charles led the tributes. he laid a wreath on behalf of the queen — as she watched on from a nearby balcony. it is, there is little doubt, the way things will increasingly be. for the first time in her reign, the queen took place on the balcony overlooking the cenotaph. still presiding as head of state, but in a way which recognises her advancing years. beside her on the balcony was her husband the duke of edinburgh. below on whitehall, the prince
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of wales led other senior members of the royal family to their positions at the cenotaph, in readiness for 11 o'clock and the start of the national two—minute silence. big ben chimes bugles play the last post in whitehall, after the sounding of the last post the prince of wales live the prince of wales laid the queen's wreath on the half
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of the united kingdom and the commonwealth in memory of all those who lost their lives in the world wars and other more recent conflicts. and then, on a morning which had been damp and cold, the veterans who had been waiting in their columns began their tribute, marching past the cenotaph to leave their reefs. the cenotaph to lay their wreaths. very few of those on parade now have memories of the second world war. that generation has passed the obligation to remember to its successors — to men like bill speakman, who won the victoria cross in korea, and johnson beharry, who won the vc in iraq. and to the many thousands of other servicemen and women who today remembered those who never came home from war. nicholas witchell, bbc news. the headlines on bbc news: nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british iranian womanjailed in iran for spying, is "on the verge of a nervous brea kdown," according to her husband.
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the deputy prime minister damian green insists police never told him about pornography allegedly found on his computers. he says the allegations have an ulterior motive. the prince of wales has led the country in honouring its war dead on remembrance sunday, taking the queen's place to lay a wreath at the cenotaph in london. spain's prime minister says regional elections next month will help end what he called the "separatist havoc" in catalonia. mariano rajoy was addressing a campaign event during his first visit since imposing direct rule from madrid a fortnight ago. he said a victory for his party would boost spain's economic growth. and he urged those opposed to catalan independence to make sure they vote. from barcelona, the bbc‘s james reynolds has just sent this. mariano rajoy came to visit the region he now runs. this was his first trip to catalonia since he deposed the local separatist administration. "your first visit for a while?"
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i asked him. "good," he said. this was a busy campaign stop. translation: we want to bring back the catalonia that belongs to everyone, with democracy and freedom. we will achieve this if the silent majority turns out to voice their vote. for a short while at least, the man who ultimately rules catalonia is now here in catalonia. mariano rajoy wants to use this, his visit, to strengthen the pro—spain camp. and this is what he is up against. chanting. on saturday, tens of thousands of pro—independence campaigners took to the streets. we are people who believe in peace, we are people who believe in freedom, we are people who believe in the republic. and we will keep going
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on and on and on till we reach our success. the two halves of catalonia, pro—independence and pro—spain, now begin a five—week campaign for their future. james reynolds, bbc news, barcelona. president trump has resumed his war of words with north korea over its nuclear weapons programme, attacking its leader kim jong un on twitter. the president is on a tour of east asia, as the us continues a military buildup in the region. our correspondent rupert wingfield—hayes reports from on board the uss ronald reagan in the sea ofjapan. sailing together off the coast of korea today, three american supercarriers. swooping low over them, a pair of b—1 bombers. on the right is the theodore roosevelt. on the left, the nimitz. and leading them, the ronald reagan. on board these ships carry more than 200 combat aircraft. the launches and recoveries continue around the clock.
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we can sustain 24—hour operations for extended period of time, however with more than one carrier that length of time goes out indefinitely, quite frankly, when we get to three. in other words, there is enough combat power here off the coast of korea to go to war. the last time anything like this was seen in the western pacific was ten years ago — here off the korean peninsula, no one can really remember. this is a raw expression of america's military muscle, and for president trump, it is a message being sent to pyongyang that if it doesn't come to the negotiating table, this is potentially what it faces. but as so often with president trump, the message can very suddenly change, and it did today in vietnam. taking to twitter, the us president sounded hurt after pyongyang called him "an ageing lunatic." in hanoi he was asked,
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did he really mean he now wants to be friends? i think anything's a possibility. strange things happen in life — that might be a strange thing to happen, but it's certainly a possibility. back on board the ronald reagan they're practising night landings. this is flying at its very hardest. there is no doubting the skills of these pilots, but there are many doubts about the strategy their commander—in—chief is using with north korea. rupert wingfield—hayes, bbc news, on board the uss ronald reagan, the sea ofjapan. a high courtjudge has asked the public to help find a three—year—old girl who has gone missing with her schizophrenic mother. elliana shand was taken despite being under the care of barking and dagenham council.
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the judge says he has great concerns for the girl's safety, and wants herfound, so she can be placed with her paternal grandparents. caroline davies reports. hgppy happy birthday to you. elliana is a lovely little princess who loves to play with her books and toys and put jewellery on and dress up and put a little shoes... everyone loves her, she is a lovely little girl. and we are just worried about her. sean and eileen haven't seen their granddaughter elliana since may. our life is... it'sjust on hold, really, because... you know, we don't know what's going to happen, we don't know if any phone call will be bad news. when she disappeared thejudge was be bad news. when she disappeared the judge was considering whether elliana should stay with her mother oi’ elliana should stay with her mother 01’ we elliana should stay with her mother or we put elliana should stay with her mother orwe put in elliana should stay with her mother or we put in sean and eileen‘s care.
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before he had time to make a judgment, elliana's maternal grandmother took her to jamaica. she then travelled to america and on to europe and the authorities now think elliana is in the uk and with her motherjessica richards, but they don't know where they are. disappointing that we have social services, the police, at one stage interpol, and no one knows where she is. elliana's mother has schizophrenia. the doctor says under stress she is less likely to take her medication. thejudge has said she is very concerned for the trejo safety. we want to find her with her itiuiti safety. we want to find her with her mum safe and sound. this is notjust about elliana but her itiuiti mum who is not well. we have nothing against the mum at all, not in the slightest, if she knocked on the door now we would bring her in and make hera cup door now we would bring her in and make her a cup of tea and sit her
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down. she is a very good mum. yes. a very good mum who isjust not well. serry police, the met and barking and dagenham council working together to find her. they want anyone who has seen elliana or her mother to tell them. please come forward when the police or social services... just come forward, you're not... you're helping her by coming forward, helping herand you're helping her daughter. that's gorgeous. ishii? yes. caroline davies, bbc news. a man has died after being beaten by a gang thought to be wielding baseball bats in east london. the attack took place on high road in ilford in the early hours of this morning. the metropolitan police has launched a murder inquiry. two more teenagers are facing murder charges after a 17—year—old boy was stabbed to death at a park in south—east london. michaeljonas was fatally wounded in penge earlier this month. police say the 1a and 17 year old boys are due to appear at bromley magistrates‘ court tomorrow. two other teenagers have already appeared in court charged with murder. former lebanese prime minister saad
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hariri has denied he is being held against his will in saudi arabia. he said he would return to lebanon soon to go through the constitutional procedures for resignation. he said he was aware his resignation was not announce the usual way but he wanted to shock the country to alerted to the dangers it faces. iran and ally hezbollah accused saudi arabia of holding has mr hariri hostage. a labour party investigation into claims carl sargea nt inappropriately touched women cannot continue after his death, according to labour am. mr sargeant is understood to have taken his own life on tuesday after he was sacked as communities minister and suspended from the welsh labour party. arwyn jones reports. his death has clearly left a hole and devastated his friends and
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family, but it has also left u na nswered family, but it has also left unanswered questions. tomorrow a coroners inquest will open into the death of carl sargeant. carwyn jones's offer of an independent investigation into his own behaviour has been refused by mr sergeant‘s family who insist uk government officials are needed to ensure its independence. and what about labour's own enquiry into the original accusations against carl sa rg ea nt original accusations against carl sargeant that women had complained about behaviour? this morning was the first opportunity to hear from labour am sue gave radio interviews. one said the party's enquiry could not go ahead. the enquiry can only do one of three things, either temporarily suspend somebody, reprimand or sensitive or expel them. none of those are actions that can be taken against carl sargeant now. women's rights campaigners same enquiry should go ahead but in a different way. the first member of the welsh government to give an interview since mr sergeant‘s dev said more time was needed before
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questions can be answered. had you deal with those questions without adding more grief and emotion? and how do you deal with them with honesty? the difficulty is there things you can't say because of course you have to be able to have a line of communication with the family to understand where they want to go. mr gething would not be drawn on allegations of bullying in the cabinet up to last year. on tuesday assembly business will resume after being cancelled last week following the death. they will be tributes followed by questions to the first minister. it will also be an emotional meeting as members see for the first time the empty chair left by carl sargeant. in other news, police have carried out a multi—agency operation to clamp down on the increasing use of illegal motorbikes on dartmoor. officers say these bikers are causing serious damage to livestock and the landscape. anna varle reports. a problem which is on the rise. and
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causing serious damage. you will see ahead of this various different tracks where we have had problems with 4x4 vehicles and motorbikes, scrambling bikes, coming in, ripping up scrambling bikes, coming in, ripping up the more as they go across here. we had no legal bonfire party year, the whole area is getting hammered at the moment. police, park rangers and trading standards and quarrymen carried out the joint operation to clamp down on the crime.|j carried out the joint operation to clamp down on the crime. i have been talking to the lady in the farmhouse behind you and she said it is up to 12 motorbikes at times. she has horses, and they don't slow down, they cut the fences. yesterday i had a farmer, and they were chasing his animals. and it's notjust the damage to livestock and the landscape causing concern. it's also the threat to bikers lives. we were talking to the quarrymen and they have a settling pit, so they put the waste into disparate and it forms a crest on the top.
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sometimes on a monday morning when they come in they can see where motorcycles have been across it. i asked him how deep the pit was, he said to me this morning it is 30 metres deep, so if anybody falls that christ, i very much doubt they will come out alive. this operation is just the start of many planned over the coming months. anna wahl, bbc spotlight, dartmoor. a 100—year—old former soldier who fought in the second world war and survived more than two years in auschwitz is marking 35 years as a poppy seller. ron jones, from newport, says he will never retire from carrying out charity work in memory of his fallen comrades. tomos morgan reports. every year you'll find him selling poppies, as he has done for over 35 years. and even at 100 years old... in the box, love. ..ronjones is still doing his part in making sure we remember those that gave their lives. thank you very much.


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